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  Name of City
We wish to be appointed as your authorized dealer at
Under your Zonal / Regional Office
Our particulars and other required information's given below for your kind consideration :
1. Business Name
2. Name of Dealer
  C.N.I.C. No.
3. Address
Phone Fax Mobile
5. Nature of Business
Battery Shop Battery Shop + Electrical Services Battery shop + Replating
Service Shop Spare Parts Shop Autos / Mechanical Works
6. Type of Business
Sole Proprietorship Partnership Private Limited
7. Business Related Information's
Type of Business Place Shop Office Others
(B) Business Place Rented Owned Others
(C) Approx. Investment of Business   Rs
    Bifurcation of Investment mentioned above
  Worth of Place Rs   Worth of Stock Rs
  Worth of Decoration/Equipment's Rs
(D) No of Manpower How many of them are employees
8. What Brands are you dealing currently.Please mention Average Monthly Sale.
Avg. Sale  
9. Please fix your monthly target of AGS brands
2nd Month
3rd Month
10. Please fix your monthly target of AGS brands
Cheque of Rs. Bank/Branch
11. Payments Terms & Conditions
  I/We solemnly undertake that I/We are willing to abide by the terms and conditions that are to be set / written in the
Dealership Agreement and any other rules and regulations the company may enforce from time ot time.
I/We also confirm that all the information's provided/written in this application form are correct.
12. ABL Recommendations:
  We have thoroughly assessed the subject applicant and recommend the party for appointment as an authorized dealer in our considered opinion , the party enjoys good reputation in the market and we believe that the said appointment will positively contribute towards sales promotion in the respective area.