Joint Venture with GS YUASA AGS
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  Why we stand out
  Salient Features
Vast experience of more than 30 years, having been incorporated in 1966 in collaboration with Japan Storage Battery Company Limited
Leading OEM & Motorcycle battery manufacturer in Pakistan.
Pioneer in Dry-Charge and Heavy Duty Batteries.
The only battery company in the industry having a joint venture with a foreign company (G.S. Yuasa Japan).
The first company to launch Maintenance Free batteries in Pakistan.
Equipped with sophisticated Laboratory having the latest equipment for testing the performance of battery and Spectrophotometer of testing metals engaged in manufacturing of lead acid batteries.
The key technical and management staffs are foreign qualified and trained.
First one to introduce UPS, CNG, Diesel & Rickshaw Batteries.
Frequent visits by Japanese battery experts to ensure the international quality.
Well-equipped In-house research & development facility.
Automatic assembly plant.
Obtained ISO-9002 Certificate for Quality Standard.
Obtained World Quality Commitment Award, awarded by BID Madrid, Spain.
Largest dealer and service network in Pakistan.
The 2nd largest manufacturer of automotive batteries; therefore tries that much harder to beat the market leader in quality.